Councilmember Griffith's 2016 Sunnyvale Study Issue Survey

Thank you for participating in this year's survey, which I conduct to gauge resident interest in the various study issues up for consideration this year. This survey simulates the City Council's process for ranking study issues.

Note: staff has not yet provided its own ranking of study issues, and it is anticipated that will be made available a week before the workshop.

You may take this survey multiple times, and only the final submission will be counted. So as more information becomes available, you may revise your answers.

Council goes through a three-phase process for ranking study issues:

  1. Council votes on study issues to be dropped from further consideration. Sponsoring a study issue requires only two co-sponsors, but approving a study issue requires a majority vote. Items lacking majority interest are initially eliminated. A dropped study issue may not be proposed again for two years.
  2. Council votes on study issues to be deferred until next year. Through a lack of support, concerns about limited resources or staff hours, or known timing issues (such as pending statewide legislation), Council may consider some issues to be potentially worthwhile, just not right now. Any deferred items are brought back for consideration next year
  3. Council ranks the remaining items according to importance, identifying only the top three or four items. These rankings are combined to identify the items of highest interest.

After the rankings are done, staff "draws the line" by applying available staff resources to the list of approved study issues, to determine which ones cannot be done this year due to a lack of resources. This is done by department. Those "below the line" are brought back next year.

Important note: remember that rankings are done by department. This means that the success or failure of a study issue in one department has no effect on a study issue in a different department. So, for example, dropping all CDD (Community Development Department) study issues will not improve the chances of a DPW (Department of Public Works) study issue.

The three pages which follow allow you to go through these same steps that Council must go through at the study and budget issues workshop on January 30th. At the end, your responses will be submitted and included in the final results. Individual results and the identity of respondants will not be made public or used in any other way.

You may participate multiple times, should you change your mind or learn of further important details. Only the final submission will be counted in the results.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 24th.

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