02/06/2018 Council Preview – Google Plans for Moffett Park

We start the evening with two closed sessions.  The first involves council chambers security.  The second involves negotiations with the Public Safety Managers Association.

The consent calendar is pretty typical. Beyond the usual, we’ve got our quarterly investment report, rejection of bids for a study for a new Emergency Operations Center, the annual work plans for the boards and commissions, and the second reading of an SSCD ordinance.  Finally, there’s an interesting amendment of the contract for designing the Bernardo undercrossing. Originally, the intent was to just have the undercrossing go under the railroad tracks. But due to development in Mountain View and other factors, staff wants to expand the contract to examine an undercrossing that extends under Central Expressway.

Item 2 is the big item of the evening – initiation of a General Plan Amendment for the Moffett Park Specific Plan on behalf of Google.  Google is requesting the City study “increased
levels of density and a broader range of land uses than…are permitted under the current version of the MPSP”.

Item 3 is an update to the City’s ordinances regarding accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  This is in response to changes in the state law, mostly cleanup.

And Item 4 is a new Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the Communications Officers Association (COA).

That’s it.

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