01/24/2017 Council Preview – Blue Bonnet and SSCDs

This agenda is all over the place.

We start the evening with a closed session involving property negotiations for the remaining half of the Corn Palace.  This is followed by a closed session involving the City Attorney’s performance review.

The general session starts with special orders of the day to swear in the new Mayor and Vice Mayor.  The consent calendar is a big one since we’ve gone a while without a meeting.  We’ve got an increase in a contract for NOVA-related services.  There’s a reimbursement agreement for street improvements at Maude and Mathilda related to a nearby development project.  There’s an increase in a contract for temporary fire inspection services.  There’s a temporary easement agreement related to the Fair Oaks Overpass rehabilitation.  We’re increasing legal agreements related to litigation over Summit Schools, and another one involving ongoing labor negotiation services.  There’s a required agreement with the State involving UUT collection.  We’ve got a contract for leasing golf carts.  There’s a contract to rehab the Fair Oaks Park building, as well as replacing the skate park lights with energy efficient lights.  And then there’s the second reading of an ordinance.

First up on the hit parade is consideration of the conversion plan for Blue Bonnet Mobile Home Park.  This will probably be the big item.

Item 3 is approving an amendment to the agreement with VTA for the Monster Interchange project.  We’ll be approving the proposed design for the interchange.

Item 4 is another single-story overlay district, this one next to Panama Park.

And item 5 is also a single-story overlay district, this one near Sesame and Torrington.

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