Sunnyvale Preparation for Weekend Storms

You’ve probably heard that we’re bracing for a series of storms to hit us this weekend.  Here is what the City of Sunnyvale is doing to prepare the City and its residents for these storms.

Water and Sewer Systems staff have been notified that they may be called in to respond to issues. Our standby staff in the Wastewater Collections Program will also be available 24×7, as part of our normal operations.

Public Safety will staff the Emergency Operations Center during peak hours of the storm, and take action as appropriate.  DPS will push out information through Nixle for our community to be aware of any incidents that may impact our streets or key areas of service.

As background, staff has been preparing for winter storms over some time.  For example, staff has already cleaned out all the trash capture devices and over 4,200 storm catch basins. As a precaution, the two Storm Pump Stations are being inspected today to ensure that the pumps are ready and the screens are clear.

Additionally, we’re preparing a supply of sand bags for public use.  The City will provide details on this and other storm-related planning and news through its normal information channels when they become available.  So keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, and Nixle for more up-to-date news.

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