12/13/2016 Council Preview – Year End!

Looking over this week’s agenda, I figure we should finish this meeting sometime in 2017.

We start the meeting with a closed session to discuss a case of ongoing litigation.  This is followed by a second closed session involving “significant exposure to litigation”.  We then have two more closed sessions to review the City Attorney’s and City Manager’s performance (these are regularly scheduled at this time).

The consent calendar is, well, massive – 1A-1Q.  It looks like staff is trying to get in a bunch of things before the end of the year (as well as not having the time to get a lot of these in the last meeting due to Thanksgiving).  We’ve got a modification and new purchase order for increased sewer repairs, our annual report on development impact fees for the last fiscal year, a contract for fixing WPCP air flotation tanks, authorization for the City Manager to do what we asked her to do to improve our Information Technology abilities, a contract to renovate the park buildings at Raynor, Washington, De Anza, and Ponderosa Parks, a contract for curb cuts, a purchase order for PSO uniforms, a four-way stop sign installation at Knickerbocker and Bernardo, renovation of the Columbia Middle School swimming pool, resolutions related to our new UUT, approval of the use of SLES (public safety) funds, and a bunch of second ordinance readings.

Item 1 (yes, there appears to be a numbering issue) is our Fiscal Year 2015/16 year end report.  In short, we finished with a $5.5 million surplus.  With some other adjustments and an error correction in the Public Safety budget and corresponding expenditure, staff is proposing putting an additional $6.4 million into the Budget Stabilization Fund.

Item 2 has us certifying the November 2016 election results for Measures M and N.

Item 3 has us approving the new MOU for the Public Safety Managers Association.

Item 4 has us considering approval for the City of Sunnyvale to purchase the GreenPrime product from the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority.  When we all switch from PG&E-provided power to that provided by SVCEA, all customers will be provided the GreenStart product by default, which is 100% carbon-free, 50% renewable-sourced energy, priced slightly below PG&E’s rates. SVCEA also offers a second product called GreenPrime – 100% carbon-free, 100% renewable-sourced, which will be priced somewhat above PG&E’s rates.  Customers can optionally sign up for GreenPrime if they are willing to pay more.  The Council has previously expressed an interest in signing up the City of Sunnyvale for GreenPrime for its municipal power usage, depending on budgetary considerations.  Staff has determined the additional cost to be around $141k/year.

Item 5 is likely the big one – consideration of the Butchers Corner application.

Item 6 is also substantial – actions related to the Lakeside Specific Plan.  This is a proposal for a six-story hotel and 250-unit apartment complex on Lakeside Drive.

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