08/23/2016 Council Preview

Pretty diverse night. We start the evening with another closed session regarding ongoing labor negotiations.  Then comes a biggie – a study session to discuss the draft EIR and the Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE), which has been a long time in the making.

The regular meeting starts with a presentation from Foothill-De Anza.  I’m hoping they’re going to talk about the new Foothill College satellite campus in Sunnyvale.

There’s a good-sized consent calendar – we’re buying rocks for roads, appointing two new people to the NOVA Workforce Board, buying more audiovisual materials for the Library, approving a contract for the next phase of sewer pipe replacement, approving a contract for street light repair (stop hitting our street lights, people!), receiving our quarterly investment report (looks like returns are up), and a contract for bike lanes on Maude between Fair Oaks and Borregas.

Item 2 is a report on the aftermath of the Twin Pines Manor fire.  Council asked for this to go over the successes, as well as the areas for improvement.

Item 3 is an interesting one – empowering the Director of Public Works to vacate easements. For certain projects, we require the property owner to grant easements, usually for access for utility purposes.  Over time, the need for those easements can go away.  Currently, Council vacates those easements as consent calendar items.  This would allow the Director of Public Works to take over that function.

Item 4 has us adding penalties to the fee schedule for theft of water from hydrants.

Item 5 is weighty – certifying the EIR and adopting the WPCP Master Plan for the Sunnyvale Clean Water Program.

Item 6 has us making some changes to the city’s Salary Resolution, mostly clean-up and clarification.

Item 7 has us finally approving a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Public Safety Officers Association.

And that’s about it.

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