Sunnyvale’s Civic Leaders Unite To Defeat November’s Measure M

Sunnyvale’s elected officials, civic leaders and residents have joined forces to defeat Measure M on the November ballot in Sunnyvale.  Measure M revokes Sunnyvale’s authority over its own public land in favor of dozens of costly ballot measures and special elections for even simple office leases.

While proposed with good intent, the authors crafted a measure with unintended consequences that are devastating to Sunnyvale’s core city services – public safety, roads, parks, and library services. The resulting bureaucracy and manpower required to oversee Measure M and ensure compliance would require deep cuts to these services.  Worse, the vaguely-written ordinance would subject Sunnyvale to frequent and repeated lawsuits, handing any disgruntled individual legal grounds to sue to delay or stop any project.  Sunnyvale has first-hand experience with such tactics, due to the Town Center lawsuits, and Measure M would extend that legal vulnerability to virtually all real estate transactions involving public and some private land.

I encourage folks to check out the campaign site at!

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