07/26/2016 Council Preview

Fairly diverse evening.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding a lawsuit.  Apparently someone’s suing us.  This is followed by our City Attorney’s performance review.  We then have a very short meeting of the redevelopment successor agency, to approve our last meeting’s minutes and to consider a budget appropriation for outside legal counsel for the Town Center development.

There’s a smallish consent calendar, consisting of a VTA committee appointment, an agreement involving Caltrain electrification, a contract modification involving Mathilda/Olive traffic control, a tree maintenance purchase order, and the rejection/withdrawal of a bid.

Item 2 involves approval of the Old Mountain View-Alviso Road bridge replacement project.  This is a $10 million capital works project which is mostly funded by a grant, with Sunnyvale’s share coming from gas tax money.

Item 3 is our annual assessment for the Downtown Parking Maintenance District.

Item 4 is our annual resolution placing unpaid administrative citations on the tax rolls.  This is different from the earlier similar action from a couple of weeks ago – that one involved unpaid utility bills.  These are for violations of the City Code, often neighborhood preservation issues.

Item 5 is our annual water quality report, which needs to be approved and filed with the state.

Item 6 has us revisiting the layout for the Heritage Museum.  In resolving the issue with the Butcher House, Council apparently created a confusing situation regarding other improvements that were intended for the campus.  So we’re going to try and provide clarity.

And item 7 has us approving a 1-year extension of the existing Memorandum of Understanding with the Sunnyvale Managers Association.

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