07/12/2016 Council Preview – November Ballot Measures

This may actually be a short meeting for a change.  Never can tell – it’s the simpler items that often make people the most chatty.

We start the evening with a closed session for the City Manager’s annual performance review.  This is followed by a study session regarding VTA’s Next Network Project.

The consent calendar is surprisingly small – approving an application for a grant to help fund amenities in and around a new affordable housing complex, a modification to the smoking ordinance, and second reading of the ordinance involving parking on unpaved surfaces.

Item 2 was supposed to be a look at our solar access requirements, but staff is asking us to continue this for a month.

Item 3 is approval of another taxicab franchise.

Item 4 has us looking at a Utility Use Tax modernization ballot measure.  The UUT is an essential source of revenue for most cities, but Sunnyvale’s UUT is both very low and very out of date.  We don’t apply the UUT to a number of technologies that didn’t come into play until long after our UUT was adopted in 1969.  Specifically, our UUT doesn’t cover broadband wireless service, prepaid wireless, or VOIP.  Our existing UUT has other problems, such as the fact that it refers to federal laws that are now out-of-date.  So we’re looking at asking voters to pass a new ordinance that would bring it up to date.  This agenda item has us looking at the ballot summary and authorizing someone to submit the arguments.

Item 5 is similar to item 4, but for the Sunnyvale Public Lands Act. This is being returned with modified language for the summary for our consideration.

And item 6 has us looking at a possible salary adjustment for the City Manager.  We’ll see how the performance review goes, first…

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