06/28/2016 Council Preview – Annual Budget

Another long day as we catch up on a lot of issues. We start the evening early again with the semi-annual performance reviews of the City Manager and City Attorney. This is followed by a study session (in chambers, actually) to go over the city’s existing policies regarding mobile home parks.  We also have two special orders, first to swear in our new boardmembers and commissioners, second to recognize Parks and Recreation Month.

The consent calendar is relatively small – a request to reject all three bids to replace the Fire Station 2 roof, a purchase order for chemicals needed at the Water Pollution Control Plant, a contract to rehabilitate the Baylands water pump, a contract for the usual improvements to the downtown parking lots, plus second reading of our water usage ordinance from last week.

Item 2 is, quite simply, approval of next year’s budget.

Item 3 is consideration of an application to replace portion of a parking lot on an existing industrial campus with a combination of multi-level parking and additional office space.

Item 4 is our annual review and issuance of community and neighborhood grants.

And item 5 returns an item continued from our last meeting, fixing an inadvertent change to our non-residential parking requirements.

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