05/03/2016 Council Preview – Climate Action Plan Update

Pretty diverse night.  We start the evening with another closed session regarding the ongoing labor negotiations with SEA and PSOA.

We then continue in Council Chambers. Evidently, Mayor Hendricks is scheduling certain non-business items in Chambers before the general business meeting at 7:00. Starting at 5:55 p.m., we have a very brief meeting regarding the Redevelopment Successor Agency.

This is followed by three of our annual traditions. First up is recognition of Sunnyvale’s green businesses. Second is presentation of this year’s Earth Day Poster Contest winners. Then comes our annual Public Safety special awards, for officers and civilians who have provided exceptional service at some point over the past year.

For the general meeting, we’ve got a bunch of consent calendar items.  We’re purchasing two new oil distributor trucks. There’s a contract for redesigning the Sunnyvale-Saratoga/Mathilda/Talisman triangle to make it safer for pedestrian transit. There’s our annual investment report. There’s a resolution regarding planned bicycle and pedestrian improvements necessary to secure state funding. There’s a 25-year renewal of our joint use agreement with the Sunnyvale Elementary School District. And then there are the second readings of everything we did at our last meeting.

Item 2 is a request for a General Plan Amendment to part of one of the downtown blocks. A developer wants us to allow 100′ high office buildings on the site currently occupied by the Post Office.

Item 3 is our annual Housing and Urban Development Action Plan.  This is necessary for Sunnyvale to be eligible for Community Development Block Grants.

Item 4 has us approving a new concession agreement for operating concessions at the golf courses.

And item 5 is our biennial report on the Climate Action Plan that we adopted in 2014.


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