Cupertino Initiative Inciting Violence, Racking Up Big City Costs

Tuesday night, the Cupertino City Council voted 3-2 to change the ballot language for its controversial and problematic anti-growth initiative (as previously mentioned), in a  meeting marred by outbursts and requiring the presence of County Sheriffs to maintain some semblance of order.  The effort, backed by a group ironically calling itself “Better Cupertino”, has even provoked incidents of violence and at least one alleged assault involving signature-gatherers.

The initiative and two others have already caused the City to rack up major expenses for independent analyses, even before the November vote.  To date, the Cupertino City Council has had to authorize $485,000 just for independent analyses of the three measures, and it will rack up at least another $100k in election expenses in November, whether or not any of the measures actually pass.  Ballot measures aren’t free, or even cheap.

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