04/05/2016 Council Preview – Butcher House

Probably another long night.  We were supposed to start with a closed session regarding labor negotiations, but it has been cancelled.

We start the evening with three different special orders of the day.  First up is commemorating National Library Week.  Then comes a proclamation for Equal Pay Day.  The third recognizes April as Fair Housing Month.

The consent calendar is once again a manageable size.  We’ve got a return of the annual approval of the Code of Ethics from last week. We’ve got bids for the purchase of water meters, but staff is recommending rejecting the bids and reissuing the RFP. There’s an agreement with Google to cover some costs related to city transportation projects. There’s a budget modification to reflect acceptance of a BAAQMD grant that will fund traffic signal and pedestrian improvements.  There’s a $664k grant for signal improvements at Mathilda and Indio, as well as a lighted crosswalk at Remington and Michelangelo.  There’s a contract for recreational services.  And finally, there’s some housekeeping related to the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority.

Item 2 is an appeal of a Planning Commission decision regarding a proposed hotel at Wolfe and El Camino. The Planning Commission rejected the application due to concerns about shading of Golfland next door, so the applicant appealed.  Since then, the applicant has apparently worked with Golfland, and Golfland even submitted a letter in support of the project.

Item 3 involves consideration of options for relocating the Butcher House to the Community Center. Staff is offering three alternatives – one requiring relocation/removal of 12 of the orchard’s trees, one not affecting the orchard, and one assuming no relocation of the Butcher House.

Item 4 involves updating the city’s salary table for four library positions in response to CalPERS requirements.

Item 5 has us approving a Request for Proposals for an EIR for the Mary Overpass.  Staff proposes looking at options as a conventional overpass for vehicles and bikes, a reduced overpass with enhanced bike lanes, a bike/ped only overpass, or removing the extension from the General Plan altogether.

And the final item has us appointing a new representative to the VTA Board of Directors. Our current representative resigned from the Board last week.

That’s about it.

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