03/15/2016 Council Blog – Raynor Activity Center

Looks like another long one.  We start the evening with another closed session to discuss ongoing labor negotiations with both SEA and PSOA.  This is followed by a joint study session with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission to discuss upcoming bicycle projects.

The general session starts with a presentation from the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber recently commissioned a survey on residents’ view of transportation priorities, and they want to present the results to the public.

There’s a pretty hefty consent calendar for this meeting.  We’ve got agreements for tenant based rental assistance services, instructional classes and camps, and an ADA evaluation contract. There is an extension of an outside counsel contract.  There’s a purchase order for new self-check machines and a security gate. There’s a contract for renovating the Orchard Gardens Park restrooms. There’s a renewal of the Charles Street Gardens.  And there’s a second reading of an ordinance from our last meeting.

Item 2 involves rezoning property on Weddell and Morse to accommodate a proposed charter school on Weddell and to make the zoning for Seven Seas Park conform to its actual use.  Staff is recommending a continuance on this, in part because of a Planning Commission recommendation that the proposed new zoning for Weddell may not be the best one for the intended use.

Item 3 is likely the big one, appeals of Planning Commission decisions regarding a conditional use permit (CUP) for the former Raynor Activity Center.  The City decided to sell the Raynor Activity Center to Stratford Schools, conditioned on Stratford receiving a CUP for operation there. The Planning Commission voted to approve the EIR for the project but deny the CUP.  Stratford has appealed the denial of the CUP, and residents have appealed the approval of the EIR.

Item 4 involves possible changes to the timing of various development fees.  We charge multiple fees for different types of development, and those fees are calculated and charged at specific times. This item has us reviewing and possibly modifying the timing of these fees.

Item 5 is our annual report to the state on our Housing Element.

Item 6 has us considering a $6 million loan out of our Housing Mitigation funds to redevelop an existing property into an affordable housing property.

And item 7 has us considering a renewal of our friendship relationship with Dubna, Russia.

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