02/23/2016 Council Preview – A Mixed Bag

Lots of different items in this meeting, with no real elephant in the room. We start the evening with a closed session involving the former redevelopment agency. This looks like discussion about two separate legal issues.

The consent calendar is a big one, in part because of items being carried over from our last marathon meeting. We’ve got a law enforcement grant, contracts for road repair materials, an amendment to a contract for code enforcement services, a contract for improvements to Fair Oaks Park, the quarterly investment report, two second readings of ordinances, and staff’s proposal for handling this year’s approved study issues (plus a new proposed budget supplement).

Item 2 is our latest round of board and commission appointments.

Item 3 has us appointing a Director and an Alternate to the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority, the new CCE that will provide power to Sunnyvale and now 10 other agencies (Monte Sereno recently voted 5-0 to join in, leaving only Gilroy left to decide).

Item 4 is a request from the county asking for a location to either store the temporary cold weather shelter modular units elsewhere or actually operate it elsewhere, with a stated preference of Onizuka Parcel E (the one south of the new Foothill-De Anza campus).

Item 5 is a proposed project for a 39k square feet office building in Peery Park on Maude.

Item 6 is a $5 million bridge loan for a MidPen Housing affordable housing project (66 units) on Persian.

Item 7 is a request to provide partial matching funds for a grant to improve steelhead trout passage on Stevens Creek.

And item 8 is the return of another item from our last meeting – a proposed procedural change regarding final maps for approved projects.

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