01/12/2016 Council Preview – Swearings-In

This is our annual ceremonial meeting, where we recognize the outgoing leadership and swear in the incoming leadership for the year.

We have no study or closed sessions, so we get right to it.  We start the evening with special orders of the day recognizing the outgoing Mayor and Vice Mayor, and then the incoming Mayor and Vice Mayor.  We deliberately do this a week after the election because of the unique nature of our elections.  With a 2-year mayoral term, we can’t and don’t have an automatic rotation scheme for Mayor and Vice Mayor, the way many other cities do.  This means the results are much less predictable, which means that candidates don’t know whether or not to invite their family to attend the meeting (which they want when they win but not when they lose).  Separating the ceremonial recognition from the vote allows the winner to invite friends and family only when appropriate, sparing the others some serious embarrassment.

Anyway, I hope to see lots of you there as we swear in Sunnyvale’s new Mayor and Vice Mayor.

We deliberately keep the schedule light otherwise, which is easy because of the holidays and the upcoming study/budget issues workshop.  Other than the ceremonial tasks, we only have the consent calendar, and it’s a small one.  We have the usual stuff plus one agreement with the Serenaders, who perform free concerts at Ortega Park every year.

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