11/17/2015 Council Preview – Civic Center

Lots going on tonight.  We start the evening with another closed session involving ongoing labor negotiations.  This is followed by our annual discussion of next year’s intergovernmental relations committee assignments.  But the big one is a study session to discuss “planning opportunities and constraints” with various options for the Civic Center Modernization Project.  That should spark some interesting discussions.

There are no presentations or special orders of the day, so we get right into it. The consent calendar includes an MCC agreement with the county, a contract to overhaul a paint striper, rejection of a bid for tree maintenance (one bid was too high, the other didn’t actually address the final IFB terms), a contract for conducting an inventory and analysis of all city bridges, culverts, and levees, and a contract with the Santa Clara Valley Water District for construction of the East Channel Trail.  The final item is another round of council policy streamlining.

Item 2 is our latest set of boards and commission appointments.

Item 3 is a tough one – possible conversion of bike lanes on Homestead from part-time lanes to full-time lanes.  This is obviously a conflict between cyclists who have concerns about their safety and Homestead homeowners who have concerns about losing parking in front of their homes.

And item 4 is consideration of a General Plan Amendment for the Spansion property at Duane and DeGuine, considering converting it from its current M-S (industrial and service) to R-3/PD (medium density residential/planned development).

That’s about it.

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