11/10/2015 Council Preview

This is going to be a very long day, although there are a very few items.  We actually start the day with all-day interviews of City Attorney candidates.  That then goes into a closed session to discuss ongoing labor negotiations.  After that is an hour of interviews for Board and Commission candidates.

Despite a two-week break, the consent calendar is small – two second readings and a budget modification.  The modification is to provide ongoing traffic analyses for proposed projects (and paid out of those development fees).

The main calendar has only two items.  Item 2 proposes repealing the city ordinance regarding private security cameras.  This is a study issue that I proposed last year after getting a complaint from a resident that the city’s existing ordinance realistically prevents residents from legally installing security cameras.  The existing ordinance prohibits residents from placing cameras in a number of different ways, which add up to make it difficult if not impossible for cameras to be sited to capture the resident’s property but nothing else.  Staff took a look at the ordinance, and their answer is to simply delete the ordinance.

Item 3 involves a design review of an 11-townhome project at Morse and Maude.  The project originally came to the Planning Commission because it’s a design review (which the PC hears), a vesting tentative map, and a request for a variance for one of the setbacks (the code requires 20′, the applicant wants a setback of 18’10”).  The Planning Commission approved it on a unanimous vote, but two councilmembers filed a request for review, so we’re hearing the item now.

And that’s it.

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