10/13/2015 Council Preview – Taxis, Butcher’s Corner, and Fire Safety

Interesting agenda.  We start the evening with no study or closed sessions whatsoever, an unusual occurrence.  The general meeting starts with an annual tradition – the annual fire safety poster contest awards, always a fun event.

The consent calendar has a number of important items. We’ve got our annual investment policy update. There’s a substantial contract for doing community outreach and other tactics to encourage residents to further reduce their solid waste output. There’s endorsement of Destination: Home’s Community Plan to End Homelessness.

Item 2 is a proposed general plan amendment request to increase the residential density of a property on Azure from low to low medium.

Item 3 is one I’ve been waiting for – a review of the city’s taxicab regulations in light of the increase in car sharing. We’ve received a lot of complaints from taxicab drivers and franchise owners that our taxicab requirements have a punitive effect on their business, considering that car sharing services don’t have nearly the requirements or costs to operate.  The results of the independent study are very interesting.

And item 4 has us finally making a decision on annexing the Butcher’s Corner property.  As the report says, “annexation does not change the City’s existing General Plan or zoning designations for the property, and no Council action on the proposed project is being considered at this time”.

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