09/15/2015 Council Preview – Short Term Rentals

Big agenda tonight.  We start the evening with no study sessions or closed sessions – first time that’s happened in many months.

The general session starts with a special order of the day recognizing Falls Presention Day.  The consent calendar is fairly big – we’ve got three final tract maps to approve and a CalPERS resolution required as part of our MOUs.  There’s a proposed rejection of a bid for three fire station exhaust systems – we based our conditions on a similar contract last year, but the bid we received this year was significantly higher, so staff wants to pause and re-evaluate. There’s also a budget modification for studying stormwater handling at the SMaRT Station.

Item 2 involves changes to our childcare facilities guidelines, and staff is asking for the item to be continued.

Item 3 has us returning to the temporary cold weather shelter issue,  This is something of a placeholder item, so we can get an update on where things stand.

Item 4 is probably the big item – looking at restrictions on short-term rental arrangements, like AirBnB.

Item 5 involves changes to our municipal code to clean up some issues regarding solid waste, water, and wastewater ordinances.

Item 6 looks at a new MOU between the City and the Communications Officers Association. This was a long time in coming.  It proposes a 3% increase in the first year, a 3.5% increase in the second year, and then reversion to the salary survey in year 3.  There are other details, of course.

Item 7 involves considering spending $10k to join an effort to look at developing automated transit network solutions.

Item 8 has us casting votes for election of officers to the Peninsula Division of the League of California Cities.

And item 9 has us taking positions on League of California Cities issues.

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