08/11/2015 Council Preview – Sunnyvale Public Lands Act

Relatively simple night.  We start with a whole lot of studying, as per usual.  First up is a study session to review the recruitment process and brochure for hiring a new City Attorney.  You may recall that our current City Attorney, Joan Borger, is retiring at the end of the year.  This is followed by a long study session to discuss the various alternatives for design and development of the modernized Civic Center space.

No special orders or presentations, so we get into it pretty quickly. There are a couple of items on the consent calendar.  One is interesting.  We are replacing our Fire Station 5 with an all-new station and extended ladder rig as part of a public/private partnership with Jay Paul.  After having struck that deal, the City has identified additional amenities and equipment that we need at the new Fire Station that aren’t included in the agreement. For instance, we want an additional Public Safety monopole out there to supplement the one at the Civic Center. So we have a proposed amendment to the agreement for an additional $540k in improvements at City expense.  The consent calendar also has a grant for improving broadband at the library (boosting it from 30mb to 1gb).  There’s a contract for paving Duane Avenue east of Fair Oaks.  And there’s a contract for redesign of the Orchard Heritage Park (the area around the museum).

Item 2 should be quick – a request to continue discussion of appropriate locations for child care centers.

Item 3 has us conducting this period’s round of board and commission appointments.

Item 4 has us looking at a prohibition on camping in public parks. We’ve had some issues with homeless encampments in parks (particularly Fair Oaks), and staff says we lack the means to conduct enforcement on the more problematic cases.  I believe staff’s intent is not “kick everyone out of everywhere”, but rather to have a tool available for the most egregious cases.

Item 5 has us considering a concession license for Sunken Gardens Golf Course.

And item 6 will likely be the long one – considering actions related to the Sunnyvale Public Lands Act petition. We have to decide whether or not to accept the Certificate of Sufficiency from the Registrar.  Assuming we accept it, we only have the option to adopt the proposed initiative exactly as written, or place it on the November 2016 ballot exactly as written.

That’s about it.

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