05/12/2015 Council Preview – Water

Long, long night.

We start the evening with a joint study session with the Planning Commission regarding possible regulations of short-term rentals such as AirBnB.  There have been a number of incidents in recent months where neighborhoods have been disrupted by the appearance of de facto hotele opening via AirBnB or similar services.  So we’re looking at what options we have to better protect the neighborhoods.  This is followed by a second study session to look at Caltrain’s plans for both electrification and high speed rail.

The consent calendar only has one item beyond the usual, a revised Sewer System Management Plan for approval before submitting it to the state.

Item 2 on our general business agenda is an appeal of a Planning Commission decision regarding an application for a second-story addition on Lois Avenue.  The applicant originally filed a design review which the PC rejected for being too large.  So the applicant revised the design, and the PC approved the new design.  Some of the neighbors have appealed the decision.

Item 3 is the big item – actions in response to the ongoing water emergency.  Staff is recommending a 30% water reduction goal, and they’ve provided a list of recommended and not recommended restrictions.

Item 4 is more of an inside baseball issue – a proposed rewrite of the council travel policy, as part of the broader issue of updating council policies.

And item 5 involves ratifying Councilmember Larsson as our alternate on the Airport and Land Use Commission.


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