05/05/2015 Council Preview – WPCP and CDBG

Looks like a long one.  We start the evening with two closed sessions.  The first one involves negotiations to purchase the Charles Street properties, and the second one is yet another round of labor negotiations.

During the general session, we have one special order of the day recognizing Teen Self-esteem Month.  The consent calendar is pretty small, since we had a meeting just last week.  There’s a new contract proposal for bike lanes on Mary Avenue (you may recall the previous attempt failed to get a qualified bid).  There’s a contract for signal improvements at Maude/Mathilda and Fremont/Sunnyvale-Saratoga.  There’s a state public safety grant.  And there’s our quarterly investment report.

Item 2 is the approval of our 2015-2020 HUD Consolidated Plan. We have to have an up-to-date Plan before we can receive Community Development Block Grant and other funding.

…which leads us to item 3 – approval of our 2015-16 HUD Action Plan and grants.

Item 4 has us looking at our park dedication standards for accepting land. We charge housing developers hefty Park Dedication fees, and on a case-by-case basis, we can require a developer to give us actual land instead of money.  We’re increasingly doing so and gaining public land for our parks.  But we’re also increasingly running into situations where we want to accept land from a developer but have concerns about the presence of contaminants in the land.  Staff and Council have both expressed the opinion that if our standards can be relaxed without jeopardizing public health and welfare, we may be able to get even more land for parks than we currently get.  So we’re taking a look at those standards.

Item 5 has us receiving an update to the Water Pollution Control Plant project, and item 6 has us awarding an $8 million management contract for the same project.

Item 7 has us adjusting the budget to add $140k to the golf and tennis fund for this year.  In short, we’re over budget because the golf course’s restaurant operator was removed in December for failing to pay his rent (which decreased revenue).

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