03/24/2015 Council Preview

Looks like a more normal night for a change.

We start the evening with two closed sessions.  The first involves the various ongoing labor negotiations with the different bargaining units.  The second involves discussion of a possible property purchase off of Charles.  You may recall that we own about an acre of land on a block of Charles, but it’s not contiguous.  There are four parcels owned by three individuals in the middle of the parcels that we own.  This closed session involves those four parcels.

There are no special orders or presentations, so we get right into it.  The consent calendar is pretty typical.  There’s our annual review of the code of ethics, the second reading of two taxicab franchise ordinances, and our annual approval of the Sunnyvale Business Improvement District.  The other issue is a request to expand the city manager’s authority to accept grants without council approval to $100k.

Item 2 has us looking at changes to our park policies and related fees.  This was a study issue that came out of the Parks & Rec Commission.  In particular, they were concerned about our policies and pricing regarding resident vs. non-resident usages.

Item 3 involves updating our salary table and classification lists, in part to match a CalPERS requirement, in part to add new positions.

Item 4 is approval of our annual Housing Element progress report.

And item 5 has us looking at our service level for the care management program at the Senior Center.  The discussion centers around increasing the hours for senior care management.  In short, staff is recommending that we continue to do something temporary, and defer the broader decision until the 2016/17 budget, which is the operating budget (this year is a capital budget year).

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