02/10/2015 Council Preview – Moffett Park Proposal

We start the evening with a closed session involving labor negotiations with three different units – the Sunnyvale Managers Association (SMA), Public Safety Association (PSOA), and the Communications Officers Association (COA).  This is followed by a study session to go over the housing impact fee that we’re exploring.  Currently, we are prohibited by law (the Palmer Decision) from attaching affordable housing requirements on rental property as we do with ownership housing (where 12.5% of new units are BMR units).  So we are exploring this as a means to compensate for the Palmer Decision.

We start the general meeting with a presentation from VTA regarding a study it’s doing to examine current and potential ridership on the north/south transit corridors.

The consent calendar is pretty big, since we haven’t had a meeting in a while.  There’s a grant to replace some library PCs, a grant to pay for crime analysis training, a STEM grant for “Mothers and Daughters learning”, a bid to replace park equipment at Baylands, an agreement renewal for NOVA.  There’s a contract for soil remediation outside of Seven Seas Park – the street landscape strip wasn’t treated as part of the park’s construction.  And there’s one big one – an upgrade to the library’s automated materials handling system.

Item 2 is a request to do a study to amend the Moffett Park Specific Plan to rezone property for a possible Jay Paul project on property owned by Lockheed Martin.  That will probably occupy most of the meeting.

Item 3 is a proposed vacation of a street easement related to the Sares-Regis project on East Weddell.  In short, the city has an easement, and it is proposed to eliminate the easement to create a better entryway to the project (and remove the city’s maintenance requirement on the easement).

Item 4 is yet another taxicab franchise, this time for Checker Cab of Silicon Valley.

And item 5 is ratification of Councilmember Hendricks’ appointment to the County Airport Land Use Commission.

That’s about it.

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