11/25/2014 Council Preview – Climate Action Plan

We’re down to our last three meetings of the year, which means we’ll be stacking up a bunch of pending issues in our next two meetings.  This one is pretty light.

We start the evening with a single study issue to discuss next years intergovernmental relations (IGR) assignments.  These are our committee assignments, mostly to outside bodies.  Usually, in a year like this, there will be little to discuss, as the council isn’t changing due to an election, and assignments will likely only change if councilmembers choose to drop them or challenge colleagues for an assignment.  We don’t have a history of those kind of challenges, though.

In the public hearing, the consent calendar is a big one.  There are a couple of grants, a contract for three trucks, a contract for upgrading the Sunnyvale Golf Course building, a final tract map approval, and second reading of an ordinance related to a rezoning approved last meeting.  There’s a vacating of a public utility easement – the utility lines that made the easement necessary have been moved, so it’s no longer needed.

Item 2 has us approving a work plan to achieve all of the goals in the Climate Action Plan.  This is a simple description of an incredibly complex and important item.

Item 3 has us looking at the procedures for appealing land use decisions.  Current practice says that any councilmember can appeal any Planning Commission decision for free, while a member of the public can only appeal if an appeal fee is filed.  This raised some concerns, and we’re looking at alternatives to the current approach.

Item 4 adds three new job titles to the salary table.

Item 5 adds another title to the salary table and increases the pay range of an existing position. The proposed increase is for a position that now has additional responsibilities, in response to eliminating other positions.

And item 6 has us rearranging council policies to make it easier to find and update them.  This item proposes no changes to existing policies – just reorganization of them.

That’s about it.

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