10/28/2014 Council Preview

This one starts out long, but the general session should be pretty typical.

We start the evening with two closed sessions and two study sessions.  The first session regards ongoing litigation involving a charter school that has some permitting issues.  The second is another closed session regarding ongoing labor negotiations with the Sunnyvale Managers Association.  The first study session is another round in our discussions of how to do performance evaluations for the City Manager and City Attorney.

The consent calendar for the general session is the usual stuff – the quarterly investment report, a grant from the DOJ for law enforcement, second reading of Landbank-related ordinances, and second reading of the minimum wage ordinance.  There are also contracts for a wheel loader, two dump trucks, maintenance on stormwater and wastewater engines, repainting of street light poles, purchasing of ammunition.

Item number 2 on our agenda discusses expanding the joint use agreements with SCUSD to include Peterson.  In short, SCUSD is saying “we may be interested, but we don’t want to do it right now”, and staff is suggesting that we keep talking with SCUSD until they’re ready for something more specific.

Item 3 has us taking a look at implementing a bike share program similar to those in  Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose.

Item 4 is probably the big one – consideration of a modification of the city’s CDBG loan to Sunnyvale Community Services.  We loaned SCS $400k in Community Development Block Grant money in 2003, which SCS agreed to repay with interest.  SCS is asking for a modification of that agreement. Originally, SCS asked the City to outright forgive the loan, but now they are asking the City to simply forgive the interest on the loan.

Item 5 has us looking at additional revisions to the city’s sign code, based on experience we’ve had with the recent update to the code.

And item 6 proposes spending $400k to begin analyzing the needs and options for renovating the Civic Center.  This is an outgrowth of the decisions that we made at last month’s strategic planning session.

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