Habitat for Humanity Dedicates New Sunnyvale Home

I had the pleasure of attending the dedication ceremony for Habitat for Humanity’s new home in Sunnyvale, the very first Sunnyvale Habitat project.  The home is going to the Proulx family.  Justin Proulx is a math teacher at King’s Academy, and they are understandably thrilled not only to finally have their own home, but to have one just a mile from where Justin works.

  _MG_4616(Photo courtesy of Misuk Park).

I got to help with this home, starting with preparing the front yard, and later helping put up one of the interior walls.  It was great to see the finished property.  Habitat is close to dedicating the second home, and I look forward to seeing that one dedicated and occupied very soon.

It was also very cool to see all of the Habitat volunteers wearing Habitat hats, each of which represents 500 hours of service.  Some were also wearing multiple service pins, each of which also represents 500 hours.  I saw one gentleman wearing a hat that easily had ten or more pins on it.  That level of dedication is truly inspiring, and it’s what makes the difference between living in a city and living in a community.  Thank you to all who made this possible.


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