08/26/2014 Council Preview – Land Use, Land Use, Land Use

We start the evening with the first half of this round’s Board and Commission interviews, which are open to the public but rarely attended by members of the public.  The second half is scheduled for September 16th, which is when appointments should happen.

The meeting starts out with not one but two special orders of the day.  First, Goodwill is presenting a check to the Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association.  Goodwill offers the opportunity for neighborhoods to fill a Goodwill truck and get paid for it, and Lakewood Village pursued such an endeavor.  The second recognizes the 50th anniversary of AYSO and the 40th anniversary in Sunnyvale.

The consent calendar is pretty typical – a grant from VTA from registration fees for work n Hendy Avenue, a resolution to drop a portion of Fair Oaks north of Mathilda from 45 mph to 40 mph based on the most recent traffic monitoring surveys, a hazardous waste handling grant, a contract to reconstruct three traffic lights, and a contract related to the operation of the Water Pollution Control Plant.

Item 2 is the big item of the night – our quarterly consideration of General Plan Amendment requests.  Three studies are being requested – one to change an industrial designation at Weddell to support a day care center, one to convert a small industrial plot on Ahwanee to residential, and one to convert a stretch of Evelyn between Mathilda and Mary from industrial to residential.

Item 3 returns a study issue to us – providing safe access to open space areas near recreational hunting areas (meaning the areas out by the bay).

Item 4 is one that will probably attract some attention – considering changes to our public notification of development proposals.  This mostly concerns noticing distances.

Item 5 has us possibly taking a position on a League of California Cities resolution involving illegal marijuana grow sites.  And item 6 has us voting for candidates for the LCC Peninsula Division for next year.

Item 7 has us looking at a resolution involving water use prohibitions to deal with the drought.

And item 8 has us adopting a three-year salary table for unrepresented employees (directors plus some in classified positions).  The proposal has us giving 2% raises each year, a 1% lump sum payment each year, and the employees giving back 1% towards their CalPERS costs each year.  There are some other contractual changes as well.

That’s about it.


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