07/15/2014 Council Preview

Another diverse night.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding ongoing labor negotiations with two bargaining units, the Sunnyvale Managers Association (SMA) and SEIU 521 (largely the part-time employees).  This is followed by a second closed session regarding the Google Fiber efforts.

The general session has no special orders or presentations.  The consent calendar has a couple of grants, a contract for crushed granite for pavement and concrete work, and appointment to the VTA BPAC, and second reading of the water conservation ordinance.  Then it’s on to real business.

Item 2 is our annual approval of the Downtown Parking Maintenance District.  Pretty straightforward.

Item 3 is an interesting one – potential changes to Sunnyvale’s sign ordinance.  A year ago, we adopted a number of changes to the sign ordinance in response to business owners’ concerns and issues that our staff has seen in applying the existing code.  In doing so, we inadvertently made it illegal to place election signs in certain places that were previously allowable, while making it legal to place them in places that were previously disallowed.  And this came up in the following election cycle, creating confusion in the process.  Staff is proposing undoing those inadvertent changes.

Item 4 is a little bit mis-titled – Power Purchase Agreements for Alternative Energy Allocation.  It’s actually an examination of location where the city might install solar panels to reduce expenses and support our Climate Action Plan.  Staff is proposing installing panels at four locations – the SMaRT Station, the city’s corp yard, Baylands Park, and Ortega Park.

Item 5 is a land use issue – consideration of a Use Permit for a 2-acre vacant lot in the Peery Park area.

And item 6 involves an application for a $4 million grant related to the ongoing project to extend our recycled water system down Wolfe to Homestead.


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