06/24/2014 Council Preview – The Budget

Gonna be a very, very long night.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding ongoing labor negotiations with two units, the Sunnyvale Managers Association (SMA) and SEIU 521 (largely part-time workers).  This is followed by a study session to give a progress report on the plans for replacing the Water Pollution Control Plant.  As this is the largest municipal project in the history of Sunnyvale, it should be interesting.

Our general meeting starts with a special order of the day to recognize National Parks and Recreation Month.  The consent calendar is a big one, after two weeks off.  We’ve got a contract involving water line replacement, and one for repaving Fremont Avenue from Belleville to Hollenbeck.  There’s pro forma annual approval of aspects of the Downtown Parking Maintenance District.  There’s a contract for storm water trash capture devices.  There’s a contract amendment involving our outside counsel for liability litigation.

Item 2 involves selection of the operator of the SMaRT Station for the next seven years.  This is obviously a big issue.  Staff is recommending maintaining the current operator, both because of the rating of the bids and the proposed costs (the current operator had the highest rated and lowest cost bid).

Item 3 is a study item – the possible creation of a youth commission.  The city currently operates a Teen Advisory Committee, which advises staff on social events aimed at teens (a committee advises staff on operational issues, a commission advises the council on policy issues).  Staff recommends mostly leaving things status quo, but to direct the TAC to provide suggestions to the Boards and Commissions as they see fit.

Item 4 is the elephant in the room – adoption of the 2014/15 budget.  This will include adopting the modified fee schedule and making final calls on the budget supplements.

Item 5 proposes declaring a water shortage emergency and calling on the city’s stakeholders to reduce water usage by 15%.  Staff came up with the 15% number because Sunnyvale’s water usage is divided evenly between two water districts, one of which is asking for a 20% water reduction, the other of which is asking for a 10% water reduction.

And Item 6 is our annual community event and neighborhood grant approval.

That’s it.

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