Sunnyvale Named #8 Snobbiest Mid-Sized City

There are good awards to win, and there are bad awards to win.  And then there are those awards that are just downright weird.

Somehow, Movato has compiled a list of the snobbiest mid-sized cities in America, and Sunnyvale is ranked #8 in their nationwide poll.  Movato’s somewhat dubious methodology compared such factors as median home price, median household income, frequency of college degrees, and presence of private schools, performing arts, art galleries, country clubs, and (absence of) fast food restaurants, based on 2010 US Census data and business listings.  In assembling its list, Movato notes that Sunnyvale scores high because of its highest median home prices of all cities, fourth highest household income, and fifth highest percentage of college graduates.

I’d deign to respond to Movato’s characterization about Sunnyvale, but it’s beneath me, so I just can’t be bothered to comment.  Besides, it’s martini hour.


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