05/06/2014 Council Preview – Public Safety Awards

There’s a fair bit of stuff leading up to the general business tonight.  We start the evening with a closed session regarding public safety procedures for Council.  This is followed by a joint study session with the BPAC regarding city standards for sidewalks.

The Lakewood Elementary School Color Guard will lead us in the Pledge, which carries into our special order, the annual public safety awards.  This is always fun.  We recognize DPS staff who have rendered extraordinary service in the past year, as well as civilians who have participated in public safety incidents.

The consent calendar only has one extra item, since we just met last week – relinquishment of parking easements and addition of a new easement regarding the new day care facility on Pastoria, which we approved last week.

Item 2 involves an update to the city’s green building standards.  I’m getting the sense that this one may get put off, because of concerns about whether or not the city did sufficient outreach before bringing this forward.  We’ll see what staff says.

Item 3 is our annual hearing and potential renewal of the Business Improvement District for the Sunnyvale Downtown Association.

Item 4 is our quarterly consideration of general plan amendment study requests, and we only have one.  We previously started a GPA study for an 800-unit apartment complex on the Spansion site on DeGuine, but the applicant withdrew his request before it could be finished, and the project went away.  A new developer is pursuing a different project of 521 owner-occupied units, and the developer is requesting a GPA study.  This has been a difficult site, because of issues with soil contamination and challenges fulfilling the city’s expectation for open space.  The city very much wants more park space in this area, and we’ve asked for land for a park in the past, but the contamination creates issues.  So the developer is asking the city to take fees in lieu of park space.  And staff is taking no position, leaving the question to Council.

Item 5 involves approving our annual Housing and Urban Development plan, to maintain our eligibility for CDBG funds.

And item 6 has us looking at new city ordinances to deal with the stadium parking issues that we expect will come to Sunnyvale.

That’s about it.


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