03/18/2014 Council Preview – E-Cigarettes and Smoking

Well, it’s a long night for most of us, but the general meeting will probably be short.  However, one of my colleagues is phoning it in for this meeting.

We start the evening with another closed session involving our city manager recruitment.  This is followed by a study session on the proposed Lawrence Expressway grade separations.  That should be interesting.

There’s a good sized consent calendar – a contract for a sewer cleaner, one for slurry sealing about 2 million square feet of roads and parking lots, an acoustic barrier for the Las Palmas dog park, and one for a significant IT purchase.  In addition, there’s a $1.2 million contract involving the Calabazas Creek bridge replacement.  If that seems cheap, keep in mind that our local match is only 11% of the project – and we’re sharing the cost with Santa Clara.

Item 2 in general business has us looking at our existing smoking prohibitions.  We’ll be discussing adding language to our code to make e-cigarettes subject to the same restrictions as currently exist (the City Attorney thinks existing language is good enough, but there’s some fuzziness in the language).  In addition, we may discuss widening the scope of our existing ordinances.  Recall that when we visited this a couple of years ago, staff discussed several options for prohibiting smoking, but we eventually approved a relatively restrained list of restrictions.  With the council change, there was an interest in revisiting this.  If we do decide to go forward, it won’t be finalized during this meeting.  We’ll have to give direction to the City Attorney to return to us with language matching our desired intent.

And item 3 is our annual Code of Ethics review.

That’s it.  We’ve got a backlog of land use issues that are going to hit us at some point, due to the shut-down of the Planning Commission for a couple of months.  So at some point soon (probably the meeting after this one), we’re going to get very busy.


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