1/28/2014 Council Preview – Bird-safe Buildings

It’s both a long and a short night, I suspect – long for us councilmembers, short for most of the rest.

We start the evening with not one but two closed session, the first dealing with our City Manager recruitment, the second involving labor negotiations with the Sunnyvale Managers Association.  This is followed by a series of Board and Commission interviews (3 candidates – we interviewed the others last night).  Then we get to business.

The consent calendar is pretty straightforward – the usual items plus an issue involving VTA funding of projects, rejection of the bids for rebuilding our sanitary sewer lift stations, a grant, and a contract.

The general business calendar has only two items, mostly due to the short-staffed Planning Commission.  We were originally going to have other items, but we put the Planning Commission on hiatus when it dropped to three members.  I expect this to be resolved by the end of the month.

Item 2 is the conclusion of an approved study item to look at possible design guidelines to favor construction of bird-safe buildings.  Staff is presenting us with an aggressive set of guidelines used elsewhere that we could adopt and a more conservative approach that may still have the effect we desire, with the staff recommendation being to go with the more conservative approach.

And item 3 involves a trash reduction plan that we need to submit to the regional water quality board very quickly.

That’s it.  Not much here.


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