12/17/2013 Council Preview – Last Meeting of the Year

Very busy night.

We start the evening with two study sessions.  The first is our annual study session on council leadership for the next year, in which councilmembers (and councilmembers-elect this year) may express an interest in the Mayor and Vice Mayor positions.  We enacted this several years ago to reduce the danger of Brown Act violations and to openly discuss leadership in advance of the formal vote.  The second has us discussing the status of shuttle bus services in Sunnyvale.

No special orders or presentations, so we get straight to it.  Big consent calendar.  One interesting item is a report on the various development fee funds – what money we received and how we spent it.  We’re doing maintenance on two engines that run 24/7 at the Water Pollution Control plantWe’re buying five service trucksWe’re applying for up to $500k in grant money for park improvements tied to affordable housingWe’re looking at an additional $408k contingency for the Mathilda Bridge project.

Item 2 has us revisiting the request from Sunnyvale Community Services to forgive or modify their existing loan.  The report says that their opportunity to buy a new facility is now gone, so this isn’t being requested now in response to a specific plan, but rather to provide them opportunities to act when another plan develops.

Item 3 is a proposal for an 85 townhouse site on the east side of Fair Oaks between Arques and Taylor.  A developer has assembled a number of adjacent parcels and is now proposing a project   This is coming before us for a couple of reasons.  One, most of the parcels are currently zoned R-3/PD but one is R-3, so they’re requesting to rezone that one parcel from R-3 to R-3/PD to conform with the rest of the project.  Two, it requires a special development permit.

Item 4 is an appeal of a Planning Commission decision regarding potential redevelopment of the old Chrysler site on El Camino near Grape.  A developer is proposing a mixed-use project consisting of four-story apartments with underground parking and a 3-story medical office building for Palo Alto Medical Foundation on the site.  The Planning Commission approved the project, but a colleague and a member of the public has appealed the decision.

Item 5 has us looking at possible reuse of some of the Sunnyvale landfill,  We were looking at sports fields, a cycling site, or a possible site for Animal Assisted Happiness.  But staff is basically proposing leaving it as is, with some other plans instead.

Item 6 has us updating the strategic plan for Traffic Impact Fees.

Item 7 is a proposed budget modification to spend $500k for fixes to the Fremont Pool.

And item 8 has us looking at the City Attorney’s salary.  Of note, the City Attorney is the only senior staff member that didn’t receive a 2% salary increase recently.


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