12/3/2013 Council Preview – Moffett Place and Raynor Park/RAC

This is perhaps the busiest agenda I’ve seen in a very long time.  It’s going to be a big one.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding City Manager appointment.  Just an educated guess, but it’s probably a precursor to our all-day candidate interviews on the 13th.  We’ll see (although I won’t be able to say anything).  We then have a study session regarding the 49ers Stadium traffic, parking and security plan (my study issue).  That should be interesting.

There are no special orders or public presentations, so we get to business.  The consent calendar has the second readings of the four taxicab franchise awards that we did last time, a contract for improving the downtown parking lots, and the updating of the Public Safety MOU based on the most recent salary survey.  This year’s survey is indicating a 1.86% increase for PSOs and a 1.68% increase for lieutenants and higher.  This is a consent item because the city is contractually required to grant the increase.

Item 2 is probably the biggest item, although this is a night for big items – consideration of the open space agreement with Stratford School.  At our last meeting, we voted to sell the Raynor Activity Center to Stratford, and to use the proceeds to fund a branch library, a renovation of the Washington Pool, and other costs associated with the RAC sale.  We also voted to direct staff to enter into further negotiations regarding a joint use agreement for Raynor Park.  Basically, any organization wanting to use the Raynor Activity Center as a school is likely to need access to open space, since the RAC has no open space of its own.  Staff and Stratford previously negotiated terms to allow Stratford to use portions of Raynor Park, and after direction from council, staff is returning to us with a modified agreement for our consideration.  I’d love to summarize the proposed terms, but even a brief summary of the terms would be as long as this post just in order to be accurate.

Item 3 is another big issue – possible approval of Jay Paul’s Moffett Place project, located near Mathilda and 237.  This project includes six 8-story buildings, a two-story amenity building, two parking structures, and a bunch of agreements with the city.  We would swap the current Fire Station Five property for a new, larger fire station next to the new Moffett Place project, which would be constructed by Jay Paul and would include a shooting range (Sunnyvale’s officers must currently go outside of the city for training).  We’d also get a new fire ladder truck in the deal.  This project would use up most of the remaining space in the Moffett Park development pool.

Item 4 involves a decision about the location of the Las Palmas Dog Park.  This has been something of a long process, starting with an initial vote by Council, a joint study session in Las Palmas itself, an outreach meeting, a Parks & Rec hearing, and now this.  And staff is recommending that we stick with the decision that Council originally made.

Item 5 is a wonky one that I haven’t read through just yet – amending regulations for telecommunications facilities (cell towers) in the public right-of-way.

And item 6 is an appeal of a Planning Commission decision regarding the Summerhill proposal on Mathilda across from the Downtown.


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