11/19/2013 Council Preview – Raynor Activity Center and Peery Park

We’ve been off for a month, so this week’s Council meeting is obviously a big one.  The down time was unfortunately unavoidable.  We didn’t have business for the October 29th meeting, we never meet on an election night, and we never meet on the week of a National League of Cities convention.  So here we are.

Surprisingly, no closed sessions or study sessions, and no special orders or public presentations, so we get right to it.  The consent calendar is a big one.  We’ve got acceptance of three grants plus a resolution related to a fourth one, a contract for ADA curb cuts, and the purchasing of an aerial chipper, four dump trucks, and library materials.  There’s a budget modification related to changes to the Memorandum of Understanding with the Sunnyvale Employees Association.  There are two second readings of ordinances from our last meeting.

Item 2 is the possible sale of the Raynor Activity Center to the Stratford School.  The city has a tentative agreement with the Stratford School to sell the Raynor Activity Center for $14,050,000 as part of an agreement that includes a parking easement, a joint use basketball court, and a joint use agreement regarding Raynor Park.  Staff is proposing that the proceeds of the sale be used as follows:

  • $11.5 million to go to the construction of a branch library at Lakewood Park
  • $135,000 to go for consulting services related to the sale
  • $50,000 to go to closing costs
  • $2.37 million to go to the Washington Pool Expansion Project

I expect the joint use terms will occupy a lot of the discussion.

Item 3 involves the possible construction of 213k square feet of office space in the Peery Park area on Mathilda between Maude and Indio.  No rezoning or deviations, just items that require City Council approval.

Item 4 seems to be adopting building codes that the state requires us to adopt.  I haven’t gotten into this yet.

Item 5 seems to be adopting fire codes that the state requires us to adopt.  For both items 4 and 5, it states that we’re required to adopt the code with appropriate amendments, or else we end up adopting the default version that the State drafted.

And item 6 involves approving RFPs for operation of the SMaRT Station.  The current operating contract for the SMaRT Station expires at the end of 2014, and we’re looking forward to the next seven-year contract.  This is a big deal, so we need some lead time to get it done.

And that’s about it.


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