10/22/2013 Council Preview: EPS Food Packaging Ban

Big agenda, lots going on.

No study or closed sessions, so we get right into it.  We start by recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The consent calendar is big – a couple of issues regarding the city’s investments, a couple of grant approvals, contracts involving library acquisitions, water meters, public safety equipment, and a design contract for the WPCP, second reading of the Peery Park ordinance, and a resolution involving ongoing maintenance of the old Sunnyvale Landfill.  Then we get into it.

Item 2 has us looking at the frontage road requirement for three blocks of Mathilda in the downtown.  Back in 2003, as part of the Downtown Specific Plan, Sunnyvale adopted a requirement that development of three blocks would require a 33′ frontage road – think similar to Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, where people can pull off of the main road and park.  Now, there’s a sense that maybe a smaller requirement allowing for bicycle lanes and wider sidewalks for pedestrians may be more appropriate.  There are pros and cons of both implementations, and we looked at this issue in a study session several weeks ago.  Now, we have to make the call.

Item 3 has us possibly appointing a new Planning Commissioner to replace one who resigned a few weeks ago.

Item 4 returns the issue of large family child care facilities.  Last year, we approved a large family child care facility on Cordilleras.  While nobody was too concerned about the specifics of that one at the time, there were a lot of concerns expressed about an existing one just further down – some incompatibilities with the neighborhood that make things unpleasant for nearby houses.  So we approved a study issue to look at the requirements we place on these facilities when we approve them.  This is going to be a tough issue, because it requires us to balance the huge unfulfilled demand for child care in Sunnyvale with the need to protect homes from undue negative impacts.

Item 5 has us possibly implementing the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) food container ban.  I co-sponsored this item, so it’s obviously of great interest to me.

Item 6 deals with an appeal of a Planning Commission decision involving a new condo complex on Evelyn near Wolfe.  One of my colleagues appealed this due to concerns about groundwater contamination nearby.

And item 7 has us appointing a representative to a new county committee called the Expressway Plan 2040 Policy Advisory Board, which is closely tied to the Valley Transportation Agency (VTA).

That’s about it.

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