Sunnyvale City Manager Gary Luebbers Retiring

The City just issued a press release stating that City Manager Gary Luebbers has announced his retirement in October.

This is a difficult thing for me to comment on.  I’ve worked closely with Gary for four years now, and he’s not just an employee that I manage, he’s become a very good friend.  Gary is a special man.  For now, I’ll simply say that this is a huge loss for the city, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to replace Gary.  We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his efforts on behalf of all of us over the past five years.  He’s made Sunnyvale a better city, and his efforts and initiatives will continue to benefit Sunnyvale for years to come.

I’m torn between sadness at his departure and some real joy that he finally gets to enjoy retirement and spend time with his family after 48 years of public service both in the Air Force and as a city manager.  Just a little joy.  Not too much.

More on this later, maybe.


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