7/9/2013 Council Preview – Park Naming and Prometheus Project

This is shaping up to be a pretty simple meeting.

We start the evening with a study session in Chambers to discuss the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Apple Campus 2.  There should be a lot of interest in that item.

Then comes the regular session.  No special orders or presentations, but there’s a decent consent calendar – purchase of a street sweeper and the asphalt for road repair for the next year, a tweak to council policy regarding gift limits, and the second reading of our changes to the sign ordinances.

Item 2 involves naming of the new 1-acre park on Santa Real.  The Parks and Rec. Commission has sent us their top ten names:

  • Centennial Park
  • Cherry Park
  • Duane Park
  • Larson Park
  • Libby Park
  • Micro Park
  • Rancho Posolmi Park
  • Santa Real Park
  • Sunnyside Park
  • Sunrise Park

Interestingly, the overwhelmingly most popular suggestion wasn’t included in this list, and I’d expect some discussion about that.  Plus, I just don’t know some of the references above, and I’ll be asking about them.

Item 3 is an appeal of the Prometheus project on Evelyn.  Council kicked this back to staff with a downgrade in density, and the revised plan got Planning Commission approval, but one and possibly two councilmembers appealed the PC decision, so we’ll be looking at it again.  And due to the nature of the appeals process, the entire project can be subject to review, not just one specific aspect.

Item 4 is an annual issue, approving the annual engineer’s report and charging assessments for the Downtown Parking Maintenance District.

Item 5 is a new one – a possible ballot measure to change the Charter regarding Board and Commission eligibility.  There is a clause in the Charter that says that public employees and elected officials cannot serve on boards and commissions – even if they are public employees or elected officials in jurisdictions other than Sunnyvale.  We had a highly qualified applicant to the Personnel Board who was ineligible because she works for the City of Campbell, and there was some dismay that she couldn’t be appointed.  So we’ll be discussing whether or not to propose amending the Charter to allow this.

And item 6 is our annual decision regarding Community Event and Neighborhood Grants.

That’s about it.


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