5/21/2013 Council Preview – Cupertino Middle School and Lakewood Branch Library

Wow, what a long and diverse night we have in store.

We start the evening with the semi-annual performance review for the City Manager.  We then go to open session, and we have a Special Order of the Day recognizing National Public Works Week.

Big consent calendar, with some interesting items.  We are potentially annexing two unincorporated county parcels.  My understanding is that we never annexed them because the property owners didn’t want us to.  But the property has changed hands, and the new owner does want to be a part of Sunnyvale.  We have contracts for storm system trash capture, radio system maintenance, and replacement of carpeting in Public Safety Headquarters.  There’s a budget modification to deal with utility undergrounding.  And there’s a MidPen rehabilitation loan of affordable housing funds.

Item 2 is our semi-annual Board and Commission appointments, and we have a number of vacancies this time.

Item 3 is a new agreement for operating the Fremont Pool.  I received an email from one of the Friends of the Fremont Pool encouraging us to approve this, which is a good sign.

Item 4 has us deciding on a potential location for the Lakewood Village branch library and possibly approving a contract to design the branch.  There is a bit of a change in proposed plans.  Originally, we were looking at placing a branch on the site currently occupied by the Lakewood Pool.  However, after staff spent some time talking with the school district, they are now recommending a location in Lakewood Park, on a chunk of park space that isn’t used for any real recreation.  Staff has suggested that by doing so and by combining some of the functionality of the current Lakewood Park building, the open space can be rearranged to minimize any actual loss of park space.  We’ll see what the consultant comes up with, if we approve this.

Item 5 is possibly contentious, consideration of proposed changes to Cupertino Middle School’s open space.  We have a joint use agreement with Cupertino Middle School, and any changes to their open space requires our approval.  The school wants to expand their school facilities to add student capacity, losing over an acre of open space in the process.  Some of the residents in the neighborhood are not happy with this, so this may be an involved discussion.

Item 6 is our annual public hearing regarding the downtown Business Improvement District.  This one may also get contentious, because some of the BID members have expressed unhappiness recently.

And item 7 is related – amending the BID to expand its scope.  The Sunnyvale Downtown Association wants to include more nearby businesses in the BID.

And item 8 is a return to something we discussed in a study session a few weeks ago – possibly placing a measure on the November ballot to increase the Transit Occupancy Tax (hotel tax).  Sunnyvale’s tax is less than the county average – significantly less once Santa Clara’s and San Jose’s conditional hotel taxes are taken into account.


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