Major Companies Pledge $30M For Bay Area Superbowl Bid

The Mercury News is reporting that major companies such as Google, Apple, and Intel have already pledged over $30 million to defray the regional costs for a potential Superbowl 50 in Santa Clara.  These pledges would be used to deal with the practical impacts of hosting such an event, such as public safety, public works, traffic mitigation, public transit, and so on – money that cities and counties would otherwise have to absorb.

This is a huge accomplishment, since the bid committee set an initial goal of $25 million in fundraising, and the initial pledges topped that by over $5 million.  And this isn’t money for pie-in-the-sky things – it’s money to pay for overtime for public safety officers, extra street cleaning, trash and landfill impacts, and other very real costs associated with so many people visiting the area.  These very real costs will hit home for cities like Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, since we will bear the brunt of the impact of those service demands, so this commitment is a very big deal for us.

The NFL owners will decide on the location for SB50 on May 21st.


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