Interesting Interview on Tech Development Boom

The San Jose Mercury News has an interview with real estate broker Phil Mahoney on the tech boom that Silicon Valley is experiencing right now.  Mahoney works for Cornish & Carey, and his recent deals include the Sunnyvale Google development, the Sunnyvale LinkedIn campus, and the Sunnyvale Amazon/Lab126 campus.  It’s interesting to read his take on where things are headed and how this economic boom stacks up against the dot-com boom.  He is quick to point out the difference between the “fluff” of the dot-com developments as compared to the current expansions:

Never in my 30 years have I seen this number of creditworthy tenants in the market. Amazon, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, Juniper, these are strong multibillion-dollar companies with healthy balance sheets.

It makes for a good read.  And most noteworthy, of the companies he lists, all but one (Facebook) are conducting their expansions in Sunnyvale.


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