3/5/2013 Council Preview – Golf Food and Infrastructure

Fairly straightforward meeting, mostly because we only just had a meeting the week before.

We start the meeting with no study or closed sessions, so first up is a special order of the day recognizing Arbor Day.  We’ve got a relatively small consent calendar, with a slurry seal contract, a procedural issue involving our local health officer, and another proposal rejection (janitorial services this time).

Item 2 involves an IGR ratification.  Councilmember Martin-Milius was recently appointed to the League of California Cities’ Environmental Policy Committee, and we have to ratify it before it takes effect.  And item 3 is similar, ratifying Councilmember Whittum’s (re)appointment to the National League of Cities (NLC) Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations Policy and Advocacy Committee.  That second one is timely, because we leave for NLC the following weekend.

Item 4 is continuation of an issue that was raised at our last meeting.  An outside group has requested support for a Hepatitis B event at the Community Center, and we need to decide what level of support, if any, to provide for the requested event.

Item 5 involves a license agreement for food services at the city’s two golf courses.  You may recall from a couple of months ago that the operator of the Lookout at the Sunnyvale Golf Course and the food services at Sunken Gardens just up and quit on us.  This item would finalize an agreement with a new operator of those food services.

And item 6 looks at an issue that Councilmember Moylan and I raised – how to properly fund the long-term replacement of the city’s infrastructure.

That’s about it.

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