Walmart Coming to Santa Clara

We’ve now identified the source of the Walmart rumor, so I’m passing along some details.  Walmart has signed a lease to open a Walmart Express in the Mercado Center, where the now-closed Micro Center was located – some 40,000 square feet of office space.

This is within the City of Santa Clara, so Sunnyvale has very little influence over what happens here.  And due to zoning and existing land use, even the City of Santa Clara may not have much control either.  Nevertheless, Santa Clara is the governing body that will oversee this development, and its council should be the point of contact for residents who have concerns or opinions about this.

Obviously, this is an item of significant interest to Sunnyvale’s Lakewood Village residents, so I would expect the City of Sunnyvale to pay close attention to what is proposed for this store, and to do what we can to make sure our neighborhoods aren’t negatively impacted by this.  As the only councilmember living north of 101, it’s of pretty significant importance to me.

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