BREAKING: Frances Closure Due to Crane Collapse

I wanted to put out an alert that Frances between Washington and Evelyn is currently closed, due to a crane collapse at the Carmel Properties development (the northern-most of the two developments being done near Plaza del Sol).  Basically, a crane fell in a pit and tipped over.  Initial reports are no injuries and no damage to the construction, so it’s mostly a matter of removing the crane.  But this will block one of two entrances to the west side Murphy Avenue parking lot, and it will interfere with the Frances bus stop as well, and reduce access to the Caltrain Station.  Allow extra time if you depend on any of those services, until the crane is removed.  I don’t have an ETA on that.

Update: the closure will affect bus lines 53, 54, 55, and 304.

Update 2: Crane was brought in, but was insufficient to lift the failed crane.  They’re bringing in another, larger one.

Update 3: photo courtesy of Ed Chuck Photography – more photos here.


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