PublicCEO Article On Sunnyvale and Moody’s

PublicCEO, a local government news site, has a great write-up on Moody’s, and its decision to maintain Sunnyvale’s Aaa credit rating.  It talks about the reasons behind Moody’s decision, and how other cities up for review were not so highly regarded.  It’s a good read.

Incidentally, Moody’s called out one aspect of Sunnyvale that I’ve highlighted in past blog posts – the fact that Sunnyvale is emerging from the recession faster and stronger than most of the state and country, with stronger economic growth and lower unemployment than regional or national averages.  We’ve even had national policymakers contact Sunnyvale staff to find out exactly what it is we’re doing that most other places aren’t.  I’ve mentioned in the past about how the Bay Area Economic Institute and even the President of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce has publicly commented on Sunnyvale’s success.

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