SNAIL Burglars Caught In The Act

From Sunnyvale DPS today:

Alert SNAIL resident helps DPS catch three burglary suspects.

Today at 10:30 this morning an alert SNAIL resident noticed suspicious activity and called 911 to report it. He saw three subjects, that were unfamiliar to him, loading electronic equipment into a car. He thought this was suspicious because he knows the resident at the address, but did not recognize these subjects. DPS officers came into the area within minutes. Even though the vehicle had already left, it was found parked a few blocks away. While officers were investigating this incident the three subjects exited from another house, saw the police officers and ran. Two of the suspects were captured immediately and a perimeter was set to find the third. While a systematic search was being conducted the third subject was located at a nearby residence in the backyard. These three suspects were linked to three burglaries from today. We are investigating further to see if they are responsible for any other burglaries.

I can not stress enough how important it is to report ANY suspicious activity in your neighborhood to 911. Further, this is a perfect example of knowing your neighbors and knowing who belongs or doesn’t belong at a neighbors house.

Remember to lock your side gates and all windows and doors. For further crime prevention information please visit our website at

Tracy C. Hern
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
Crime Prevention Unit
(408) 730-7114

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