2013 Study Issue Survey Now Online

The Sunnyvale City Council is approaching its 2013 Study Issues Workshop, and the deadline has now passed for submission of new study issues for this year.  Accordingly, I’m rolling out my annual resident study issues survey. This is an opportunity for you to go through the exact same process of ranking study issues that Council goes through, and to give me your opinion on what issues we should or should not pursue as a city over the next year. Last year’s survey had a great response, and the results definitely influenced the way I ranked the study issues.  I hope to see the same this year.

To participate in my survey, click on the “2013 Study Issues Survey” menu option above.

The deadline for submitting your survey is 11:59 p.m. Sunday January 27th.  I will then summarize the results, make the results available to my colleagues prior to the study issues workshop, and post the results online.  Your submissions and your email address will remain anonymous.

Thanks for taking part in my survey!

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